How to Host a Fabulous Event – NOT An Open House

A Fabulous Event is the perfect way to build revenue and add new patients in your aesthetic practice. Note, I did NOT say Open House. I do not believe in billing an Event as an ‘Open House’. In using this term for an Event, you’re simply inviting people already in your data base. A Fabulous Event adds new clients/patients who do not know you exist. The main purpose of an Event, should be to bring in NEW patients / customers.

A Fabulous Event should be a call to action for new patients, or to those whom have not been back for weeks, months (years?). When hosting an Event (not open house) at an aesthetic practice or Medical Spa, toxins (Botox, etc) can be your “lost leader”, eliminating the need for paid advertising. Your toxin patient is your least faithful patient and most will be tempted by “Lowest Priced Botox”. When advertising for your Event, attract new and/or existing patients by adding low cost toxins as your ‘Call To Action’. During the Event, you can offer toxins slightly above your cost (you know that amount, your patients do not) and make it the best price in town.

A Fabulous call-to-action Event, could include “BOTOX: $8 Per Unit – Event Price Only!” (Suggested amount, adjust price based on your area). Offer the Event later in the week, such as: Thursday, from 5pm until 8pm’. Also – and most important, in order for them to take advantage of the low cost toxin offer, everyone who RSVP’s must have a consultation for all other services offered. When hosting an Event, remember that dermal fillers are your single most profitable service, requiring no pre or post care, unlike lasers and/or other energy devices. Old fashion marketing techniques such as offering Low Priced Toxins, cost nothing, yet create results and continued revenue.

You probably already have patients who own or manage a business, whether it be a storefront, or home based business. Consider approaching them or other local businesses in your neighborhood, to create success for all. A business that has an email list and a customer database with disposable incomes similar to your database, is an excellent starting point. Customers with disposable incomes are important, since aesthetics is elective, and not covered by insurance. Suggested businesses to partner with could include high-end dress shops, jewelry stores, fine wine/cheese shop, high-end car dealerships, gourmet grocery stores, etc. The types of businesses to approach are limited only by your imagination.

Create a a Fabulous Event with an Invitation (professional graphic) that includes your practice (spotlighted), the Business you’re partnering with, the Event information (time/place) and the call-to-action such as Discounted Toxin and/or Discounted Fillers. Reinforce that all discounted prices are only available at your event. The Business your partner with and who attends, should have a small table for their business cards and brochures, while having the opportunity to sell their wares. At the Event, offer light refreshments (finger foods) that do not require utensils or large plates, or heat. Only ice for beverages. Napkins and small paper/plastic plates should be the only accessories for food. Remember that you’re potential patients are not coming for dinner, so provide only light, healthy snacks, and avoid sweets such as cupcakes, cookies, etc.

Fabulous Events should never be a timeshare presentation. My favorite phrase has always been – “If the doctor/injector has their mouth open they are not making money”. The only time the doctor/injector makes money is with a syringe in their hand. Events should be spent where the doctor/injector is injecting, not to answer answers, to make speeches, or presentations. The physician/injector can answer all questions during the consultation, while the patient is in the treatment chair.

Events should always have a light-hearted feel, similar to a party. Offer light snacks, soft background music, and they’ll relax and spend. Have your most attractive, sociable, staff person(s) dress impeccably for the Event, and have them chat up the attendees. Have staff greet guests as soon as they enter, asking them to fill out an entry for a drawing at the end of the Event. This is a Fabulous way to gather emails, addresses, and phone numbers, since everyone enjoys winning ‘something’. Ask vendors who supply toxins and dermal fillers to provide prizes/gifts, and also funds needed for food and beverages. A Fabulous event should cost you nothing but your time. After the Event and with the properly completed attendance cards, send hand written notes to everyone, thanking them for attending, with a call-to-action to return, such as a discount gift card for future services. You have just captured new patients to add to your database for future emails, newsletters, invitations, etc. That list came primarily from businesses that you partnered with during the Event.

Host a Fabulous Event monthly using the same or similar strategy as outlined above, and send out an email-blast (announcement) one week prior to the Event Date, then again one day before the Event, as a ‘Friendly Reminder / Don’t Forget’. You will find that you’ll have a better open rate when the patient receives an email that resembles an invitation to a ‘party’.

Continue to make your Events consistent, such as the third Thursday of each month, or the third Wednesday. Never schedule Events on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays, as most have other plans on those days.  In addition, Fabulous Events can become a Networking Event. If possible, partner with a different Business each month, you’ll find its worth the effort, since you’ll be increasing the opportunity to reach even more new patients.

Finally and most important, Businesses you choose to partner with must have an email list and be willing to send out the Invitation (Event Graphic) to their entire email database. Request a screen shot from their email program the week before the Event, assuring you it was sent, so they can participate as planned.

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Multiple Modalities Create Better Results and Better Revenue

A Fabulous benefit of multiple modalities is creating better results, and it also raises the revenue. Adding something a simple as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to a procedure, can increase the revenue by hundreds, and the results can be taken to new levels. PRP helps practically everything, and does no harm. PRP is a Fabulous add-on after a laser procedure to increase not only the speed of healing, but also the appearance of skin texture as well. Combining PRP with Micro-needling, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, lasers and more, takes these and other procedures to the next level, both for better results, also for increased revenue.

If comfortable, PRP can be used for the most intimate of procedures, both for the female (O-Shot), and for the male (P-Shot). With PRP, aside from the patient’s blood-draw, only a yellow top tube and a centrifuge is required for the procedure. Much to the chagrin of many a salesperson, a PRP ‘Kit’ is not needed for optimal results. During my years of working with physicians, I’ve yet to see measurable results that support the additional costs of added-on PRP Kits, verses the uses of regular yellow-top tubes. Of course using a professional Kit is the decision for the provider, however profits increase measurably when NOT using the kits. Using PRP as an alternative to saline for collagen stimulators, and for double stimulation, can also be a stimulator for revenue.

Create new, or existing ways to use PRP in your practice for better results, and better revenue. Your patients will be pleased with better results, and you will be pleased with better profits. Also, don’t forget the benefits of PRP for the treatment of hair loss, in both your male and female patients. Treating for hair loss creates a client of multiple application, as well as sales for topical and supplements, to increase results and revenue. Adding PRP to your practice is the ultimate of win-win. The patient brings the PRP (blood-draw) with them, so there are no allergy related issue. Finally, the cost of adding PRP treatments to your practice is minimal, since only a blood-draw, a yellow-top, and centrifuge are required.

Be sure to include PRP as a primary treatment, or, an add-on to an existing treatment. Both, create Fabulous returns for revenue and results.

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A Physician’s Approach to Medical Care

Having moved to the suburbs from the city recently and deciding to nest in the burbs, when it came time to go to the doctor, I had to make a decision. Though my previous city team was in place and I was comfortable with the care received from them, I decided to get out of my comfort zone, breaking the last ties to the city, by choosing a healthcare team in the burbs. This week, I had a reminder of the importance of my career as a Consultant in medical aesthetics, and was pleasantly surprised to see that at least a portion of what I preach, is still being practiced.

Waking into an office that was very dated and basic in appearance, I proceeded to the front desk for check in. The person at the front desk was efficient, although appearing tired beyond her years, and not in her happy place. Filling out all of the usual forms and providing the usual insurance card and ID, I sat down to enjoy a very current magazine and was pleasantly surprised at only a short wait. I was ushered into an exam room that was also dated beyond years. However with that said, the exam room did include an iPad, conveniently mounted on a stand for entertainment, while waiting for the doctor. For full discloser, I was familiar with the company providing both the iPad and the nearby wall board, at no cost to the practice, as I have placed these items in practices to help an otherwise bland exam room. Unfortunately this particular room needed much more than these a few modern accents in order to even become close to modern.

The short wait for the physician was acceptable, and once he walked into the room, I thought the physician matched the decor -not only in body, also in dress. The physician began with one of my pet peeves, by not properly introducing himself, or even offering a hand shake. Whenever I meet a physician, whether it be in business, or as a patient, I never introduce myself  as “Mr. Treadwell”, I simply say “Hi! I’m John!” followed by a handshake if the person’s comfortable with that. When a physician refuses to use their first name during introductions, it’s a turn-off (for me) and sets a negative tone for the consult, and for any conversation that follows. Though physicians historically are taught to be addressed by “Dr _________”, I’ve never cared for this tired, pretentious tradition practiced by doctors and their patients. Why NOT use your first name in introductions? Patients already know you’re a physician, and respect your education, knowledge and capability. Otherwise, why would they choose you as their physician?

Settling in for the questions, exam, and the physician’s recommendations, I never expected what was to follow. He used an iPhone to dictate notes, never picking up a pen, iPad, or typing on a computer. He soon put the phone down, facing me and said that he was an an “old fashion doctor”, taught to look directly at patients, rather than looking at a computer and typing/talking to a computer. Using a smart phone to dictate notes was his way of connecting to his patients, without having to look away at a clipboard or chart during consultations.

Although he was awkward in many ways, I was beyond impressed with his explanation  of verbal note-taking (dictating), leaving him available to offer personal, medical care. At that moment, I knew I had discovered something rare in medical practices, “the human approach” and I knew I chose the right doctor, regardless of his dress, or the decor of his office.

Far too many providers are attached to their iPads, computers, or even their smartphones, rather than personalized, patient care. It’s a sad commentary of todays medical care that’s forced by insurance companies.

Fabulous Consultations is Where Money Is Made

Are you a physician or a medical spa owner who constantly chases the next bright and shiny machine, or the next greatest offer? If so, do any of the following statements sound familiar? – “Just buy this new laser and your profits will sore!” “Increase you position on the web and more people will visit!’ “Get more likes on social media and you’ll enjoy instant success!”

In reality, the only people who are successful using these strategies are the salespeople in your office making these claims. In the aesthetic business, money is made with Fabulous Consultations. Positioning every offer to include a consultation gives proven results of success, over and over again. Unfortunately, so many offers (print ads, e-blasts, etc) chase the lowest price, such as discount coupons, BOGO (buy one get one), Free With Purchase, etc. These type of offers do not attract, nor keep loyal patients. Remember that ‘Price Shoppers’ always move on to the next ‘deal of the day’, and are never loyal.

Instead of chasing price shoppers, attract better long term patients with Value Added Offers. These type offers, will attract patients who will remain long-term, loyal, and they’ll even refer others to your practice.

Whatever the offer, whether it’s a facial, an IPL, Laser Resurfacing, Fat Freezing, Laser Skin Tightening, Toxins or Lasers, a Consultation should be included. It’s simply not an option for any procedure NOT to include a Fabulous Consultation. The offer is what brings them into the practice. A Fabulous Consultation is where the money is made. When any offer is presented on your social media pages, e-blasts, print ads, etc, they should be presented as a pre paid opportunity. Pre-paid sales eliminates no shows, and insures the opportunity for a Fabulous Consultation, because that is where the money is made.

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What is Your Leadership Style?

Leadership style and awareness of your individual style, can help you overcome your fear. Yet, fear continues to influence into adulthood and that same feeling of the ‘boogie-man’ under the bed fear continues to influence us for life. As a leader you must look at your options and take action, and not allow the fear of rejection to influence you in any decision you make. Those who fear may also fear rejection, retreating into their shell, much like a turtle might. Business leaders often fear taking risks, fear of hiring new employees, and even fear asking their own employees to complete tasks.

Frozen in fear or fear of rejection, can keep a leader from achieving success. Leaders who are fearful can often exhibit controlling behavior, and (that behavior) becomes their safety zone. Micromanagement becomes their leadership style. They rarely delegate because they feel out of control. Directing staff in a strong controlling way, does not allow them to flourish, solve problems, or to grow from their experiences. A business leader must depend on employees/staff, and allow them to do what they were hired to do. Fearing that a key employee is not happy and/or fearful of them leaving, can quickly become a downward spiral. The thought of a please at any cost mode must be eliminated. If you hold on too tight, they (your valued employees) will slip through your fingers.

Revenue -rather than growth, is often the strongest fear. It can trigger a need to increase salaries, purchasing unnecessary equipment, expand to quickly, etc. As a result, funds suddenly need to be spent to meet those demands. In business, when revenue becomes the constant focus rather than growth, ‘the status quo’, often becomes the driving factor.
A successful Leader should never allow themselves to become caught up in their fears, whatever they may be. Always face your fears head on, walk through them, and feel confident that you your your business will be prosperous and successful.

You’re no longer that child fearing the boogie man under the bed, that fear, was only in your head.

An answer to the retail dilemma

How many product lines should an Aesthetic Practice offer? This is a question that I get asked often, since there are many product lines on the market, with new products being offered continually. In over 40 years of experience, I’ve learned that offering selections of more than 3 product lines, can be confusing for the patient. If too many product lines are offered in-house, the patient/customer can become quickly overwhelmed, and not purchase anything at all. Remember to keep your in-house retail to (3) product lines, or less.

A better idea for offering multiple products lines, is to have your web designer set up an on-line retail page, offering all product lines that you have used and fully endorse. There are now multiple 3rd-party (wholesale) companies, offering a huge selection of skincare and similar retail products. These wholesale companies are designed so that when a customer goes to your on-line retail page and selects a product(s), the third-party company handles the order completely, including shipping and returns, and sends you your percentage of the sale each time a product is sold. (Contact me directly for more info about this).

For in-house retail (no more than 3 products), display them in a separate display rack, and in a location that has a stand-alone feel, similar to a separate retail center. One selection should be high-end only, since a higher price is perceived as high quality. Also many of the high-end products offer more active ingredients. My favorite high-end products are ones which contain human growth factors. Aside from a high-end line, a moderately priced line should be also offered, for those price concerned patients.

The third offering, should be a private label line for additional branding, as well as exclusivity. When a patient is traveling and needs a refill of their product(s), re-ordering from your own private label keeps them coming back to you, since many national brands are available online, or at another medical spa or retail center. Whatever your retail offering is, it should be sold by the practitioner, and presented like a prescription, since patients are accustomed to refilling prescriptions at their local pharmacies. The practitioner presents all skincare needs for supportive home care during the patient’s appointment, and then staff has the prescribed products ready at check-out, for the assumptive close.

Patients will usually do what a practitioner suggest, especially during the consult, or immediately after a procedure. Therefore, the support of the practitioner is important even if initially introduced by the concierge, aesthetician, or other staff member. When products are suggested by staff members, the practitioner’s recommendation simply strengthens the case of need for the patient.

Finally, having your products wrapped in tissue, and in your branded bag when the patient check outs, increases your revenue and patient compliance.

Keep them coming back for more

I believe that all communications from your Aesthetic Practice or Medical Spa should have a call to action. Sending a communication without a call to action, is wasting an opportunity to cause action. An email blast or a newsletter should include a reason for the patient to call the office, to make an appointment, or purchase a product and/or service.

Pre-Sale Offers are wonderful ways for patients to save money when purchasing services and products not yet redeemed or used. Sending out an eblast is a Fabulous way to communicate Pre-Sale offers. The same goes for social media. When posting on social media, always include a reason for the patient to call for an appointment and/or purchase a service or product. The same goes for written communications. The importance of a hand written note of thanks for visiting the practice for a new client, is also a Fabulous opportunity to ask them to return with a call to action. One of my favorites is to include a business card size offer asking them to recommend you to their friends and family.

One of my favorite call-to-action offers, is to include a *plastic gift card, imprinted with your business logo, phone, address, etc. In addition, in bold lettering on the card, include: “$50 For You And $50 For A Friend!” Investing in custom plastic gift cards will look more official to the receiver, rather than paper cards. Also, once redeemed, you can re-use the cards again and again for similar communications to new patients.

Never limit how many people that patients can refer to your practice, and always reward the ones that do, such as with gift cards or gift certificates. This is one of the least expensive ways to attract new patients. Other written communications like a hand written Happy Birthday card can include a $50 gift card and/or certificate for a regular priced service. These and similar offers are a Fabulous way to get previous, procrastinating patients whom have not been back for months, to return because of a note that you’ve missed them. A gift card or gift certificate IS a call-to-action for them to return.

Call to actions can take as many forms as your imagination allows. The main purpose is to keep communicating with your patients, and keep them coming back for more.

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What makes your Medical spa profitable?

As a consultant in the Medical Aesthetic Market, the most common question I’m asked, is – “How do I increase my sales?” My response to this question is not about increasing sales, but rather – increasing profit, because when sales increase, so does profit. The easiest way to increase sales/profits is to increase the sale of dermal fillers.

Dermal Fillers is the only service/procedure that can generate $10,000 an hour or more in sales. Lasers, fat elimination, cellulite treatments, chemical peels, skin tightening, or any other energy device or procedure, cannot generate that amount of revenue per hour, only dermal fillers can. I’m not suggesting to eliminate any services from your medical spa. However, I am saying that unless you have adequate staff to perform all other services, you must realize you are limiting your profits unless you are completely free each day to perform dermal filler injections only.

All other services and products certainly support the sale of dermal fillers, just as toxins (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, etc) do. Referrals from toxins are Fabulous, since the patient is already interested in their appearance, and are naturally good candidates for more profitable services such as dermal fillers. Toxins can be your most valuable “lost leader,” bringing patients back every three months or so, for follow-up treatments. Toxins are the “gateway drug”, meaning, that loyal patients will return on a regular basis for toxins.

Dermal Fillers should be introduced to all patients in the medical spa/practice, whether the dermal filler injection is a “bee sting pout” (filler injected on the center of the bottom lip), or a complete “liquid facelift” using only dermal fillers. Dermal Fillers allow you to rejuvenate the face due to aging, and/or the correction of a facial defect. There’s almost always the opportunity to enhance facial features, which may require just a little more emphasis by using dermal fillers.

Dermal Fillers are one of the most versatile treatments in a medical spa, as well as the most profitable.

A simple replenishment of loss of volume for the hands can be an easy add-on, as well as profitable, and will allow the patient’s hands to look more refreshed. When treating a patient with dermal fillers, hands are often overlooked and can giveaway their age, even with the best of facial rejuvenation. In addition, lifting the knees with dermal fillers allows aging patients to feel more comfortable wearing shorter skirts, and/or even shorts. Don’t forget the ball of the foot loses volume after wearing heals for years and replacement of volume in this area using fillers, gives comfort when walking or running. The earlobes thin as we age as well, yet another opportunity.

Finally, never forget the male patient. Though men age differently, most often men want enhancement of the jawline and under the eye, both which helps to creating a more youthful, masculine appearance.

Let your imagination guide you to more profits. If there is volume loss, see it as a profit possibility.

Keep Your Waiting Room Comfortable and Neutral


The only reason a patient returns to a practice, is for the Experience, and not the procedure. Aesthetic procedures are available most anywhere. Often your patients live closer to your competitors, and can even find the same services at a lower cost. When they travel further and spend more, it’s because of the experience and the appearance of the practice. For this reason, I believe it is important to keep the bones of the practice safe and comfortable. People spend money at places they trust, so design your waiting room and consult rooms to be comfortable.

The waiting room is an important part of creating a safe, comfortable place. It’s also important to keep all furnishings neutral in color so the patient stands out, not the furnishings.


Furniture that is neutral in color helps the patient become the most important part your office. When a patient sits on a couch that is beige or taupe, the patient stands out and is more important than the furniture. Stay away from bold, overpowering colors such as red, orange, purple, pink, blue, green, etc. Strong colors and/or multiple patterns can compete with patients, making them feel less important.

The next step of neutrality and safety, is the appearance of your staff. If everyone in the practice wears a white lab coat, suddenly the patient stands out rather than the outfit of the staff and provider. The next level of comfort should come from the appearance of the treatment room. Much like the color of the couch or chairs in your waiting room, the color of the exam room chair, and guest chairs are also important. Always use neutral colors rather than a garish color such as purple, which is not a comfortable feel.

Finally, consider minimizing the use of manufacture posters. Are you defining beauty to your patient from some beautiful model that often can’t be achieved? The art on the wall can also overpower the patient, wether it be in your lobby, treatment rooms, or hallways. Does the art stand out, or does the patient stand out? Take a look at your practice and determine what is most important, the furnishings or the patient.

Contact me for help on creating an office that’s safe, comfortable, productive, and profitable.

Capture the Male Market with a Man Cave

Men are the most loyal of patients as they traditionally do not ‘shop around’ the way the female market wanders. A women will go across town for $10 Botox, but a man will return no matter the cost if they feel comfortable. I have never heard a man say  “Let me ask my wife”. Yet, women will often respond with – “Let me ask my husband”. The excuse is usually to try and negotiate a lower amount for services. If you want to capture more of the male aesthetic market in your practice, create a Man-Cave Room.

A Man Cave Room in an aesthetic or medical practice, should be a separate consultation room, featuring only wall hangings with that of men, including sports themes, such as a framed sports jersey, a mounted football, basketball, baseball, etc. The room should also include a TV, with a channel set to the latest sports, such ESPN. If your practice offers alcoholic beverages, maybe an offering of a smoked whiskey to relax the most anxious of male clients? When a male patient comes into the practice, place them immediately in the Man Cave rather than asking them to have a seat under the sparkling chandelier beside the ladies having hot tea. Adding a male nurse can take the experience even farther, especially for the more intimate of procedures.”

Men typically start their fascination with aesthetic procedures (Botox/Fillers/Lasers) of a natural outcome, such as hair-loss. Suddenly they have more hair on their back than on their head, and find themselves wanting to look fresher, although not ‘done’.  Men want direction and will follow your direction (if) they are told what to do (services/products) and are also told when to return for a follow-up. Same with any products (supplements, hair-growth products etc), men will usually question less than the female patient will. On average, men spend more than their female counterparts. Men want to be seen as being able to purchase anything they want, without having to ask anyone’s permission. They want to be seen as successful, and many times interpret success with money, specifically spending money to impress.

Create Events that cater to Men

As men age, they become less viable in the work force and staying fresh allows them to keep their job and use their experience, even when someone younger with more hair may be seeking their job. When planing office Events, create Event themes that are geared to men (hair-loss, fitness, hormone/testosterone replacement, etc). Feature a call to action or reason for them to come into see the Man Cave. Maybe your local car dealership would like to feature test drives of the latest and greatest car at your practice one evening? A Tesla Event” can be terrific. An Event theme such as “Bentleys, Botox, And BelleFill” work well together, as well as “Jaguar and Juvederm”All are great ideas.

Invite a dealership to ‘test drive’ one of their vehicles at your practice, and for their exposure to your patients, request they send an email invitation to their own client base. You do the same for the dealerships. You both meet new clients and the Event costs you nothing, as vendors will supply food and beverages, and many times will provide co-op advertising dollars.

Remember that men have as much disposal income as women, often even more. So why not pursue the male market?

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